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Is Wine Better the Next Day? Exploring the Myth Behind Wine Oxidation

Wine enthusiasts often find themselves in the intriguing dilemma of whether wine tastes better the day after it has been opened. This question stems from the concept of wine oxidation, a process that occurs when wine comes into contact with air. To understand whether wine improves with time or if it deteriorates, it is essential to delve into the science of wine oxidation and its effects on the taste and aroma of the beloved beverage.

The Oxidation Process: A Double-Edged Sword

Oxidation is a natural chemical reaction that takes place when oxygen interacts with wine molecules, causing changes in its composition over time. When a bottle of wine is first opened, the introduction of air initiates the oxidation process. This process has both positive and negative impacts on the wine’s characteristics.

Positive Effects of Oxidation: Unlocking Hidden Flavours

In some cases, a controlled amount of oxidation can be beneficial, especially for certain wine varieties. When exposed to oxygen, wine undergoes subtle changes that can help unlock hidden flavours and aromas. This is particularly true for young, bold red wines with high tannin content. Tannins are compounds found in grape skins, seeds, and stems, and they are responsible for the dry, astringent sensation experienced when drinking certain wines.

With exposure to oxygen over time, these tannins can mellow out, resulting in a smoother and more approachable wine. Similarly, some white wines with strong oak influence can benefit from oxidation, softening the oak flavours and enhancing the overall balance of the wine.

Negative Effects of Oxidation: Loss of Freshness and Fruity Notes

However, not all wines are suited for extended exposure to air. Oxidation can be detrimental to light-bodied, fruit-forward wines, particularly white wines, and rosés. These wines are typically enjoyed for their fresh, vibrant, and fruity characteristics. Prolonged oxidation can cause them to lose their brightness, leading to a flat and stale taste.

The delicate balance between preserving the wine’s natural freshness and allowing it to evolve positively with oxidation is what makes the next-day wine experience a matter of personal preference.

Preservation Methods: Making the Most of Opened Wine

For wine lovers who want to enjoy the remainder of a bottle the next day without sacrificing its quality, several preservation methods can help delay the onset of oxidation:


Simply re-corking the bottle tightly and refrigerating it can slow down the oxidation process.

Vacuum Pumps

Specialized vacuum pumps can remove air from the bottle, reducing the oxidation rate.

Inert Gas

Replacing the air in the bottle with inert gas, such as argon, creates a barrier between the wine and oxygen, preventing oxidation.

Transfer to Smaller Containers

Transferring the leftover wine to smaller containers minimizes the air-to-wine ratio, slowing oxidation.

Temperature Control

Storing the wine at a lower temperature can slow down chemical reactions, including oxidation.

The Complexity of Wine Appreciation

Whether wine is better the next day largely depends on the type of wine and individual taste preferences. While certain wines can benefit from limited oxidation, others are best consumed shortly after opening to retain their fresh and vibrant characteristics.

The beauty of wine lies in its diversity and complexity, offering a wide range of experiences to different palates. As such, the next-day wine debate ultimately comes down to personal preference. Wine enthusiasts are encouraged to explore and experiment, discovering the fascinating evolution of their favourite wines over time while finding the perfect balance between oxidation and preservation to suit their individual taste buds. Wine tours allow the wine enthusiast to sample many different wines from multiple vineyards and find that special vinatage that appeals to you. Cheers!

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